The Process  

Welcome to the Midsized to large Corporations/Organizations recycling page. Hopefully one or more of our existing policies will suit your needs as outlined below. We do realize that not organizations are the created equal. We may be able to customize our process to work around your special needs such as operating around non-peak hours or even after hours. Please feel free to contact one of our service representatives at any time for a one on one consultation.

Many companies to save time or to avoid pick-up fees elect to drop off their recycled electronics directly at our facility. All we ask is to call ahead to schedule an appointment so that we can process you during your visit as fast as possible. We’d like to make sure that we have an employee available to help guide you through the process as well as help you unload your vehicle. Dropping of items is just that easy!

Most midsized to large companies either do not have the time or the resources to bring their items to us. That’s why we have different sized trucks to help co-ordinate delivery of your electronics to us. Just simply contact us to make arrangements and schedule a pick-up time that best suits your needs. We’ll ask the typical questions that will make it easy for you to recycle such as if you have a loading dock, etc… Pick-up fees vary by location of your business and other factors. Those fees many range depending on geographic location, amount of items to be recycled, if those items are pre-palletized or if we need to enter a working environment with a large crew. Again, we can work around your needs! Please contact one of our sales representatives for a price quote. Be sure to ask how that fee may be waived.

Charges: If you require pick-up service, please contact us. Because each organization does vary in location along with other factors, the fee for pick-up will vary. A short discussion will help us determine your quote.

Auditing:  We offer a few choices of auditing to help you and your organization track the electronic items that were recycled by us. They range from basic documentation to detailed information. Please see below for descriptions and Pricing

Level one:
This level of recycling is basic acceptance of the product.

It is a basic drop off that ensures that the product is recycled properly. A ‘Certificate of Recycling’ is issued upon request at time of drop off or pick-up. It includes a basic description of the items recycled. For example: 6 monitors, 4 CPU's, 2 printers, etc... or total weight received.

Level two: This is our most popular level of auditing and recycling.

This level includes a basic description of each major individual item along with the corresponding serial number. This level of the auditing procedure will allow us to issue a complete certificate of recycling along with a transfer of ownership. That transfer helps track items.

Should an item be abandoned, that product may have been originally registered to either you or your company. If the items has been transferred to us during the auditing procedure, we take legal possession which limits your responsibility and liability if ever questioned.

Data Destruction: Any level of auditing may have this service added to it. The fee for data destruction is $10.00 per drive.

One of our techs testing a CPU for the auditing process

Level one Drop off of items with a basic description No Charge
Level two - Auditing includes description of each item along with serial numbers 1.00 per item
Data Destruction - Disk wiping that may be added to one of the above audit levels 10.00 per drive
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